M.Iftikhar Elahi



Peace Sports and Culture Foundation (International) is a not for profit organization and has been organizing Sports competitions of different games all over the Pakistan since 2013. We are legally registered with all the concerned departments of Government of Pakistan and abroad More-over we have 80% of our members world-wide (Overseas Pakistani mostly) included renowned Sports Stars and Celebrities from culture, PSCF has organized two mega events i.e. lawyer's world Cup in Australia and 6 parliamentary world cup in UK, after the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan, the cricket suffered an irreparable Pakistan, to revive and reinstate in Pakistan we planned and organized peace cricket league among the provinces.
The peace premier cricket league (PPL) typically refers to the top-tier professional cricket competition in a country. These leagues showcase high-quality cricket and feature top players, attracting a large fan base. Examples include the Indian Premier League Pakistan Super League (PSL), the Big Bash League (BBL) and the English County Championship. These leagues often serve as platforms for talent development and contribute significantly to the global popularity of the sport.

Established Cricket Clubs & Academies

1. Model Town Greens Academy, Model Town Lahore Pakistan 1990-Till now
2. Model Town Cricket Club, Model Town Lahore Pakistan 2011-Till now
3. 58 Peace Cricket Club All Over the World (40 Countries) 2011-Till now

Blind Cricket Team, Deaf and dumb Cricket Team, Disable Cricket Team, Wheelchair Cricket Team, TV Star Cricket Team, Stage Star Cricket Team, Film Star Cricket Team, Women Cricket Team, Lawyers Cricket Association, National Assembly & Cricket Team, Provincial Assembly & Cricket Team.

Mission Statement

The Peace Premier Cricket League (PPL) and Football, Hockey and all sports and cultures events and talent hunt program is dedicated to fostering a competitive and inclusive cricket environment. We aim to showcase top-tier talent, promote fair play, and engage cricket enthusiasts worldwide through thrilling matches and a commitment to excellence both on and off the field.


The Peace Premier Cricket League (PPL) aims to showcase top-tier cricket talent, provide thrilling matches, and engage cricket enthusiasts globally through competitive and entertaining cricketing events.

The Peace Premier Leagues is dedicated to:

1. Promoting Peace: Fostering a culture of peace and understanding among diverse communities through sports and cultural events.
2. lnclusivity: Creating a platform that transcends boundaries, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures.
3. Youth Empowerment: Empowering the youth by providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents, instilling a sense of discipline,
and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
4. Cultural Exchange: Facilitating cultural exchange to celebrate the rich diversity of our society and encourage mutual respect and appreciation.
5. Sports Excellence: Foster a competitive yet sportsmanlike spirit among participants, promoting excellence in various sports disciplines while
emphasizing the values of teamwork and fair play.
6. Community Engagement: Engage with local communities through outreach programs, workshops, and events that address social issues,
promoting a sense of responsibility and community involvement.
7. Cultural Showcases: Organize cultural events alongside sports competitions, showcasing the vibrant heritage of our society and encouraging
cross-cultural appreciation.
8. Educational Initiatives: Implement educational initiatives that use sports and culture as vehicles for learning, aiming to inspire personal and
academic development among participants.
9. Global Collaboration: Forge partnerships with international organizations, promoting global collaboration and understanding through joint
sports and cultural initiatives.
                     The Peace Premier League (PPL} stands as a testament to the PSCF’s commitment to build a world where diversity is celebrated, peace prevails, and the power of sports and culture unites us all. With Chairman lftikhar Elahi’s visionary leadership and Director Babar Khursheed’s dedicated guidance, the league aspires to be a beacon of harmony and cooperation. Feel free to customize the content to accurately reflect the objectives and missions of the Peace Premier League organized by the Peace Sports and Culture Foundation.