How to Run Efficient and Effective Board Meetings

The board of directors must work together to accomplish its purpose, which is to monitor company performance and advise the CEO as well as connect the business with the larger community. Having fun with your board can help in fostering this teamwork and build more of a bond, but it’s essential to keep these meetings on track and productive. This article will provide simple ways to run an efficient and effective board meeting. This will ensure that your board members make the most of their time and money.

Minimize Discussions and Reporting

Long reports can slow the board meeting and detract from more strategic discussions. Encourage officers and committee chairs to share only the most important information and limit their reports to 25 percent of the time. This will allow the majority of the meeting to be focused on strategic planning as well as key decisions.

Communication of Decisions

It is crucial to communicate your decision-making procedures clearly during board meetings to ensure that everyone understands what they can do. Be sure to inform your board know in advance how they can participate, whether you decide to make decisions through consensus, vote or any other method.

Evaluate Your Meetings at Least Once a Year

The board members should leave their names, either “+” or “-“, on a sticky-note on the table next to the meeting door. This will allow you to review their comments after the meeting. This will help you decide what is working well and where improvements can be made to your board meetings.

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