How to Fix the “Windows Can’t Detect Network Proxy Settings” Error in Windows 10

Settings for network proxy Windows 10 are used to direct all internet traffic to a central server, instead of going directly to the internet. This is a common practice for schools and companies as it helps protect from malicious attacks and improves security. This could mean that if a proxy server is unavailable or incorrectly configured users may not be capable of connecting to the internet at all. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy issue to fix. This article will discuss different ways to fix the “Windows cannot detect settings for network proxy” in Windows 10. It doesn’t matter if you reboot the PC and network adapter flushing DNS and changing the TCP/IP configuration or troubleshooting the network adapter or getting IP and DNS automatically or running the sfc scanner, these techniques can assist in getting your PC back up and running and get your internet browsing back to normal.

Open the Control Panel and click on Network and Internet. Then click on Internet Options. When the Internet Options dialog box opens, make sure that Use a proxy server is off. If you’re using a company or school network, make sure you check with your system administrator to see what the preferred settings for proxy should be.

It’s possible that some program is interfering with your system if you can’t change your network settings via the Settings app or legacy Internet Options dialog box. Try turning off your firewall, VPN and antivirus software one at a time until discover the one that is responsible for the issue. If that doesn’t work you can try a system restore point that was created before the problems started. This will bring your system back to its state before the problems began and eliminate any programs or drivers that could be causing them.

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